An illegal pirate taxi driver commonly referred to as Mushikashika has hanged himself to death inside his house in the town of Chegutu.

Reasons for the death are only best known to the deceased as there is no suicide note left behind, although close friends suggest economic hardship pressures.

The incident that has left Chegutu community tongue tied reportedly occurred in Ward 8 close to West-End Shopping Centre.

Eyewitnesses that spoke to local guys suspect foul play.

“Imagine the noose was loose. There was a big gap between his neck and the wire that was around it” said an eyewitness who declined to be named.

The eyewitness further questioned “how can he be killed by a wire that he was not tied to.”

The alleged suicide vividly revived memories of a newspaper vendor Koshen Mutukura who also hanged himself after allegedly swindling money through betting on Chinese machines.