The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) knew of the planned gruesome killings of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters a night before the party’s bloody political rally addressed by CCC president Nelson Chamisa at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre in Kwekwe yesterday, the outspoken opposition politician has said.

Chamisa said:

“l have it in good authority that members of ZRP knew of the planned murders as early as the night before, because they reached out to me but since the number was unknown I did not attend to the many calls until just before the event happened.”

A govt that uses its weapons against its citizens is wicked

This is the only country we have govt leaders who instruct, sponsor & initiate murder & violence to transact politics. #KwekweViolence

He said the killings were ordered by ‘high level’ Zanu PF authorities.

In order to emphasise without putting officers in trouble we need not to mention their names. The police knew of the attack before it happened but because it was ordered by high level Zanu PF, they were unable to act to prevent the violence.

more details to follow…