Mugabe to visit Singapore for a scheduled medical check-up

When  Zimbabwe’s  President Mr Robert Mugabe hosted his South African counterpart  Jacob Zuma, his health and wellbeing did not look good at all.

While it is not a secret that Mugabe is now frail and not in best shape, it has been reported that Zimbabwe government controlled media houses have been warned and instructed not to focus their cameras too much on Mugabe’s movements during meetings.

As seen at this week’s bi-lateral indaba indaba, cameras from the state broadcaster resolutely refused to focus on the 92 year old as he painfully and slowly staggered to a podium to give his speech.

Again, today Thursday, was same situation, cameras were fixed on the seated audience instead of focusing on Mugabe.

The shacky Zimbabwe president spoke in a much weaker voice than normal and hesitated at times during his speech.

Mugabe is due to travel sometime next month to Singapore for a scheduled medical check-up.