President Mugabe’s wife trades Hwange elephants and other animals to China’s underworld is headline news.

It is said that Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe shipped the country’s precious  Hwange National Park animals to a Chinese wildlife park to pay for military uniforms for the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).

Grace is reported to have sent 35 elephant calves, eight lions, a dozen hyenas and a giraffe to settle a debt for boots and uniforms bought for the Congolese military, in December, 2016.

Reading between the lines, it is very clear, there are so many holes in this story that need filling up as many wonder why and how she is doing logistics for Congolese military as if they do not have their own first Lady Doctor Amai Kabila to supply the army with clothing.

However, there is suspicion though.

This publication reported on Christmas day that Air Zimbabwe UM1 flew from Singapore to Malaysia and China almost same time that Hwange wild animals were shipped to China.

While this doesn’t prove anything, it shows that there is something going on and the curious story above could be hinting to something sinister.

For now we have been told that the plundering of Hwange wildlife is being done by the First Family  as reported by publications mentioned above.

It is now up to them to come out clear and clean on their position vis-à-vis Zimbabwe wildlife genocide.

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Before this story came out reported the return of Mugabe’s plane on Christmas day as outlined below……..


President Mugabe’s chattered air Zimbabwe jet was back home in time for Christmas around 5 am Zimbabwe time today, 25 December 2016.


Though we are not sure of the cargo and people inside the plane, we can certainly state that it did not return with president Mugabe, who stayed behind according to an implacable source at Harare Airport.

President Mugabe’s older son, Robert junior, was in Singapore last week celebrated his Christmas in Malaysia indicating how the Mugabe’s have been travelling around visiting neighbouring countries since they landed at their holiday hideout in Singapore.

In a brief and rare festive message, Robert Mugabe jnr photographed the family Christmas tree(below) with Chatunga in background and put the following; “Merry Christmas y’all🎄 One Love“.

Robert Mugabe junior was quickly reminded of the dire situation home, one person told himThanx bt bond note exmas bro no zesa no water mughetto”.

Below are some picture messages to show how far the plane travelled to nearby places like Malaysia, China and Indonesia after taking Mr Mugabe’s family to Singapore.

Picture: The Mugabes celebrate Christmas in Asia: 25-12-16

Picture: The Mugabes celebrate Christmas in Asia: 25-12-16

Apart from crucial medical treatments for the family, the Mugabes use Air Zimbabwe UM1 plane to securely move their personal valuables between Harare and Asia.

Mugabe’s wife and children run multi-million dollar businesses that have often fallen foul to private media keen to know how and why they are ‘making so much money’ in personal businesses when the country’s economy has been trashed back to stone age.

Our source at Harare Airport that alerted this publication on the return flight of Mugabe’s plane also  told our reporters that the plane carried an assortment of commercial goods to and from Zimbabwe belonging to the first family, hence the reason to land it on early Christmas morning when the airport is almost deserted.

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