SA arrests 6 Zimbabwe rebels, Armed group threatens to end Mugabe’s reign before Christmas, 2016

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Smoke That Thunder: Zim’s Mozambique based armed rebels threaten to remove Mugabe violently.

South Africa based recruits arrested!

Agencies: 6 South Africa based Zimbabweans suspected of plotting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe’s government by force  have been detained in the neighbouring country.

The group includes 1 woman and 5 men.

According to agencies, the 6 were arrested at the Grobler’s Bridge Border crossing near Lephalale 2 weeks ago  as they were travelling to Mozambique for para military excercises in preparation for war against Mugabe.

The suspects were apprehended with the help of foreign military assistance.

Their arrest comes just after another armed  Zimbabwean  group, Smoke That Thunders, made claims that they have been offered military training in a neighbouring country.

According to reports from South Africa, the little known ‘Smoke That Thunders’ group made claims that they will end Mugabe’s reign before Christmas, 2016.

The group’s spokesperson Jeff Judahosana has been appearing on social media videos openly recruiting volunteers to join  Zimbabwe rebels based in Mozambique.

Judahosana is suspected to be the faceless man who appeared in a Facebook video loading guns into a military bag while promising to deal with some high ranking government ministers he mentioned in the shot clip.

George Charamba, President Mugabe’s aide, indicated that the President’s office is aware of the threat.

He also blamed Renamo for arming Zimbabweans to fight against Mugabe’s government.

“They (South Africa) may have communicated with our security cluster because they have their own way of handling such issues. There were claims that Renamo offered to train them, but we never took that seriously. But, in any case, they know what awaits them,” Charamba said.

The arrests come just a month after four Zimbabweans travelling from South Africa were arrested as they crossed from Botswana into Zimbabwe on their way to Mozambique.

They were found with an assortment of military gear.