In a message seemingly directed at Citizens Coalition for Change -CCC- leader Nelson Chamisa, a political commentator has advised him to take a bold action if he dreams of ever ruling Zimbabwe.

Cde Never Maswerasei says both late former President Robert Mugabe and incumbent Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa had to play dirty tactics.

“In order to assume power Mugabe had to play dirty politics between 1976 & 1979. In order to assume power, Mnangagwa had to play dirty politics btwn 2009 & 2017.

“Imi tucha tucha nemaverse nemachapter and you think you will take it. Hindaa muchinyeperana mhani imi? Hamuitonge iyi,” he says.

He says anyone who want to play it clean will never rule Zimbabwe.

“Electoral theft by Emmerson Mnagangwa and ZANU PF is not responded to with Bible chapters and verses.

“These are ruthless diehards that have accepted that politics is a dirty game and have mastered how to play dirty. Your smartness won’t remove them from power my dear deluded kin.

“Anyone – including my own preferred candidate – not prepared to play dirty like Emmerson does will not assume power in Zimbabwe.

“Garai makaziva izvozvo mese nehuwandu hwenyu. 2028 will come and go muchingoverenga maverse kusvika machena misoro. Asingade kuzvinzwa ndeyekwake,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Chamisa has been under fire with his supporters and critics alike, accusing him of being soft, banking on bible verses.

They say, no dictator has ever been removed using soft means.