President Robert Mugabe is expected to fly into Zimbabwe today where he will be welcomed by hundreds of party supporters at Harare International Airport.

Sources in the ruling party told reporters that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa will face humiliation as rival G40 faction members have been given  a go ahead by First Lady Grace Mugabe to display tshirts and placards with a clear message that President Mugabe is the Boss.

Mugabe has been to more than ten countries on personal business during his 35 days holiday spanning from  December 2016.

While on leave, he has been to Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Mali, Dubai and his family hideout of Singapore among many other places.

 Sources claim that President Mugabe is returning today, Friday, 27th of January and a massive welcome reception at Harare airport is lined up.
He returns at a time when his former disciple, Julius Malema, President of EFF, condemned Mugabe for destroying his own legacy by hanging on to power at a time when he no longer has the mental and physical capacity to lead Zimbabwe.