Chad Mabhena|

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has flown out of the capital city, Harare amidst tear-gassing of citizens.

As the cat and mouse game between police and demonstrators, the president’s motorcade drove through Julius Nyerere Way, heading for Harare International Airport, however, the destination is yet to be established.

Police had to clear the way for his motorcade using trucks and cannons as the skirmishes which started in the morning when the unprovoked police attacked civilians at civic grounds near Rainbow Towers, spread throughout the whole city.

Yesterday the police told the organiser of today’s demonstration, that they would proceed with their activity, and urged them to avoid going into through the city centre when going to hand their petition to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. However, the protestors, after failing to make way into the grounds because of police attacks, resolved to take their anger into the city centre, where as we speak, the fight is still on, and shops in the city have closed.

The protests started in early in July with fed up citizens took it to demonstrations, accusing Mugabe’s government for running down the economy. zimnewsnet