Zim succession fights: Zimbabwe Ministers  are immune to police arrest

Zimbabwe education Minister Jonathan Moyo accepted that he abused funds that were not meant for him.

However, he then made a veiled attack on an individual, some believe, to be Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Here is what Moyo said via Twitter;

“You can say what you want but I would rather be a Robin Hood than a cruel tribalist, murderer  and UN identified cross border diamond thief!”

A Zanu PF official close to the issue identified Mnangagwa as the subject of Moyo’s Twitter attacks.

While Moyo is referring to the mass killing of Matebele people during Gukurahundi, he is also identifying the same killer(s) as being responsible for diamond looting in Zimbabwe, between 2005 and 2010, and  in Democratic Republic of Congo, in the late 90s.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mphoko, a Mnangagwa rival, has defended Moyo’s actions telling Zimbabwe police that only Mugabe ‘ can issue an arrest warrant against Zanu PF government ministers’.

Mnangagwa’s group is yet to respond to the latest succession crises.

The Moyo incident is one of many scandals unfolding in Zanu PF as rival factions ‘go for the jugular vein’ in their bid to succeed Mugabe, whom they believe, ‘is no longer physically and mentally fit to lead the revolutionary party’.

Mugabe is expected to address the issue when he returns from Singapore where he is  seeing his medical specialists.