Authorities in Mashonaland Central have barred CCC from holding cluster rallies at Kandeya Village business centre and Dotito in Mt Darwin.

CCC wanted to meet Mt Darwin supporters tomorrow August 18.

In a statement, CCC said the Police advised them that the rallies could not proceed because the venues had already been booked.

Reads the statement:
Our cluster rallies, which were scheduled to take place on Friday, August 18, 2023, at Kandeya Village business center and Dotito in Mt Darwin, have been denied by the [Zimbabwe Republic Police].
These denials come under controversial reasons, as they claim that the venues are already occupied on the same date.
It is evident that this is a systematic approach employed by the regime in Harare to prevent the Citizens movement and its President, Nelson Chamisa, from engaging with the people.
Sadly, these are just some of over 105 rallies and meetings that have been banned on false pretenses and yet we are in the election season.
ZANU PF is running scared and can never win a free and fair election in Zimbabwe.