VICE President Phelekezela Mphoko joined his counter parts, Mnangagwa and Mugabe in condemning corruption.

While addressing a gathering in Luveve Bulawayo yesterday, Mphoko warned that those who steal will face a hard time ahead.

“People that I call real thieves are those who steal from the poor. A public figure working for the Government must always be honest and responsible,” said the VP.

He singled out public hospitals, saying those entrusted with the collection of medical fees were diverting funds for personal use.

“The money that is being collected at hospitals is supposed to be used to buy drugs for patients, but sadly we have individuals who steal it under the guise that it was being taken to Harare, but they would be lying. For instance, yesterday (Saturday) I was at Nkayi District Hospital and we were told that the money that patients pay is used to purchase iodine, cotton wool and drugs, but at UBH (United Bulawayo Hospitals) there is nothing like that,” said VP Mphoko.

Mphoko recently caused controversy when he said that police had no powers to arrest corrupt government officials.