Zimbabwe education minister, Jonathan Moyo, has decided to sue Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa accusing him of trying to get him arrested in a bid to become the country’s future leader.

Moyo has made it clear that Mnangagwa is now using state machinery to silence him and further his attempt to eventually become president in the near future.

While a number of people are being sued by Moyo, Mnangagwa has been singled out as the epicentre of the problem as stated by the higher education minister below;

After these meetings with the Vice President, ZACC Commissioner Goodson Nguni claimed to various persons that the Vice President communicated to them that my arrest had been cleared when this in fact was not true.

I have learnt and it has been established that these meetings with the Vice President are not meetings provided for by law…The said meetings with the Vice President were a perpetuation of the conspiracy to smear and smudge my reputation as Minister and Member of Parliament and Member of the Politburo

Moyo’s statement shows that there is a scramble in Zanu PF to take over from Mugabe whom many believe will not be there for too long.

Today, Jonathan Moyo, a senior ZANU-PF official, said in a public statement that Mnangagwa was illegally using the anti-graft commission to further his political career.

Mnangagwa could not be reached for comment, and his aides said he was busy in meetings.

Moyo said the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission had on several occasions tried to arrest him on false graft charges at Mnangagwa’s behest.

He said this was part of a plan “intended to secure that the political ends currently being pursued by the vice president are advanced in relation to what has become public knowledge about the desire to secure a front foot in Mugabe succession politics”.

There is now intense fighting in Zanu PF  as big wigs fear that their leader, Robert Mugabe, will soon die in office before appointing a successor.

A Zanu PF source who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity as he is not authorised to speak, said it is now an open secret in Mugabe’s party that he(Mugabe) plans to die in office.

“This explains why rival factions are expelling opponents  and trying to get their enemies arrested so that they will not have a chance when he(Mugabe) finally dies,” said the source.