Image: Cite

Motorists in Bulawayo are up in arms with the local authority over paid-parking system which requires them to fork out US$1 per hour per bay, Cite reports.

They say what is worrying them a lot is the situation that if one moves to another bay before the hour is up, they are required pay another US$1.

In other cities, US$1 allows a motorist to change bays without having to pay again.

Operated by private company Tendy Three International (TTI) in conjunction with Bulawayo City Council, the parking system has become a cash cow for the local authority.

The council has raked in US$21 433.71 in parking fees and US$15 968 in clamping fees over a five-month period.

But frustrated motorists say the parking system is predatory.

They say it must take into account Bulawayo’s depressed business environment.

“US$1 should enable a motorist to change bays without extra charge within an hour. Some shops are reporting a decline in customers as motorists keep away,” reports say.