Three unknown men guised as passengers headed for Norton yesterday  duped a 47-year old motorist of various accessories and a Toyota Corolla vehicle after he had picked them up at Whitehouse, police authorities say.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) made the revelations on Twitter, saying when they reached the Cassabanana area, the robbers used an electric shocker to attack the motorist before speeding away with the loot.

Said the police:

“On 01/04/22, ZRP Norton recorded a robbery case where a 47 year old man was robbed of a Toyota Corolla vehicle, HP core i7 laptop, a wallet with personal documents and US$23 cash, after he offered a lift to three unknown men who purported to be going to Norton, at Whitehouse bus stop, Harare.”

The ZRP also added, saying:

“Along the way and at Cassabanana area the suspects attacked the complainant with an electric shocker and stole his valuables.”