Never mind about his political ups and downs- Morgen Komichi is in an English class, literally speaking of course!

The opposition political figure who is speculated to be on his way back to Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party had internet users talking about his command (or lack thereof) of the English Language after he posted on Twitter about the country’s economy which he says has ‘collapsed’.

Economic Crises in Zimbabwe requires (sic) a Political solution. The Govt is just following Gedion Gono’s footsteps. The Economy has collapsed,” Komichi posted on Twitter.

Here are the responses to his post:

  • It’s spelt CRISIS, but if you mean many crises then why do you say ‘requires’? You don’t know basic grammar Mr Komochi but pakudya mari dzenyika munobuda shudhu. Sorry maningi.– @c_mutumbi
  • Anonzi Komichi NOT Komochi, kutadza Chishona, asi pachirungu munobuda shudhu, English is not our mother tongue or native language, so kuchitadza is not an issue at all, asi kutadza Chishona is a no no. Chete Zimbos suffer from inferiority complex, self-loathing & mental slavery.– @agnostic263
  • Kkkkkkk GRAMMATICAL gatekeeping. Great job wrong grammar sends a chill down my spine.– @Musindoh
  • Spelling yaCRISES futi zvitori wrong zvese zvamazotaur ko mukataura neshona zvinodii? CRISIS iyi…. @Kunaisheblessi2
  • The plural of crisis is crises. Please avoid embarrassing yourself on public platforms if your knowledge is limited. Take time to learn!– @agnostic263
  • You are partly correct to say the Economic crisis in Zimbabwe requires a political solution. But let me warn you that, yourself and your crew who derailed our efforts into bringing in that political solution are NOT WELCOME anywhere close to where those solutions are proffered.– @Wellas68274636