Embattled Zimbabwe Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s divorce from estranged wife Tambudzani has opened a can of worms after the process unwittingly revealed the mega salaries and benefits that Mnangagwa and his deputies, Chiwenga and Mohadi are taking home monthly.

The Standard reports that according to information supplied by Tambudzani in the divorce proceedings, Mohadi earns a massive $14 000 per month with $7000 being basic salary while the other $7 000 is for allowances. Most civil servants earn less than $1000 a month.

According to the Blue Book, a government document that details the state’s expenditure and debts, $630 000 was set aside for salaries and allowances for Mnangagwa and his deputies this year although the document does not state how much Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and Mohadi earn per month.

Ironically, Tambudzani is demanding $13 394 monthly maintenance from Mohadi arguing that Mohadi has other sources of lucrative income.

Tambudzani also said:

As a vice-president, the respondent (Mohadi) has more than enough financial means to meet his maintenance obligation post-divorce.

As a vice-president, the respondent is entitled to an annual pension equivalent to (an) annual salary in terms of section 2 (1) (a1) of the presidential pension and retirement benefit.

The respondent’s pension constitutes extra income demonstrating his financial capacity. The respondent is the vice-president and a 70-year-old businessman with various business ventures all over the country.

During the subsistence of the marriage, we always maintained a high standard of living due to our high-earning capacity. However, my monthly income is insufficient to pay for all my monthly expenses and sustain the lifestyle I am accustomed to.

As such, it is the legal duty of the respondent to contribute maintenance for my monthly expenses until I die or remarry.