The American government, thorough its Embassy in Harare has questioned President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s commitment to Constitutionalim and promotion of human rights in the country.

The Embassy said Mnangagwa’s claims to the UN General Assembly, that he is committed to democracy, do not match his actions on the ground.

Addressing the UN General Assembly yesterday, Mnangagwa said his administration is committed to foster human rights, and Constitutionalism, and promotion of democracy in Zimbabwe.

However, the US government says he should walk the talk, and match his words to the UN with action on the ground.

“During his speech to the UN General Assembly President Mnangagwa restated his commitment to fostering democracy, human rights and rule of law. We are listening and watching for action.

“Allowing Joana Mamombe to receive the healthcare she needs and dropping the case against her would show Zimbabwe’s words match its actions,” said the Embassy.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa and his administration stand accused of human rights abuses and the persecution of perceived political opponents.

This has saw abductions, beatings, and torture of those of dissent voices being an order of the day.