President Emmerson Mnangagwa has indicated that he would love to have future elections in which international election observers are barred from monitoring the polls.

Mnangagwa told the visiting Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera who is SADC’s next chairperson that international election observers are no longer relevant, as the regional bloc can conduct credible polls without them.

However, former deputy minister for higher education, Geodfrey Gandawa says Mnangagwa’s desire would undermine country’s re-engagement efforts.

“Mnangagwa’s desire to bar international election observers is inconsistent with his efforts to rejoin the community of nations.

“Only those who have something to hide fret about observers.

“The regime has no intention to implement electoral reforms but every intention to rig 2023,” he says.

Meanwhile, when Mnangagwa grabbed power from the late iron ruler, Robert Mugabe, he promised to work for the country’s re-engagement with other countries after years of isolation.

Mnangagwa promised to re-engage countries like Britain, America, as well as the Commonwealth, whose relationship with Harare had soured.