Prominent political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa can not be defeated even in an election which is half-fair.

Dr Ruhanya says the notion that the opposition has already been defeated ahead of the much anticipated polls this year is ill advised.

“This idea that the opposition is already defeated in 2023 is empirically, normatively misleading, wrong, bogus analysis.

“I see a lot of bogus analyses talking about post 2023 opposition configurations. My view is that @nelsonchamisa cant be defeated even in a half free, fair poll,” he says.

Apparently, a number of political commentators especially ruling party aligned have been predicting Chamisa’s defeat.

They say the incumbent, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will defeat his biggest rival Chamisa with a wide margin.

However, a number of independent opinion polls have shown Chamisa beating Mnangagwa.

In the 2018 polls, Chamisa narrowly lost to Mnangagwa amid rigging claims.

He went on to challenge the outcome in court and lost the case for lack of evidence.