Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has warned President Mnangagwa that he should not worry about outside threats, BUT must watch out as his downfall will likely be caused by corrupt elements in Zanu PF and his government.

Dismissing Cain Mathema’s allegations that outsiders are planning to overthrow Mnangagwa, Mliswa wrote:

It’s unfortunate that the government is again resorting to conspiracies about individuals and organizations seeking to overthrow it as Cain Mathema has been saying. We have been down this futile path before with people like Joyce Mujuru and even myself accused of the same.

No opposition has the capacity to do what Mathema is saying, only ZANU PF can overthrow itself due to the economy not functioning. Let’s deal with the economy and not resort to these now usual conspiracies.

Its also high time we agreed the economy is failing due to corruption & not sanctions. Scapegoating inconsequential or secondary factors delays progress. These old men in ZANU need to learn to live by the truth that’s why I’m out. @edmnangagwa should watch out for these chameleons