African Economics analyst Gary van Staden has advised Mnangagwa to watch out for Chiwenga following the later’s infamous decision to fire nurses recently

“While Mr Mnangagwa clearly owes Mr Chiwenga a great debt, he needs to rein in his second-in-command. Zimbabwe does not need more hard men. We expect this impasse to be resolved swiftly, legally and without additional coercion, but failure to do so would be negative for Zimbabwe’s recovery plans,” he said.

“While the jury remains out on the potential for the restructured ZANU-PF government to lift Zimbabwe out of decades of economic and social decay, such ill-advised actions that show a repeat of past repression should be avoided. Mnangagwa cannot stand on world and Commonwealth stages proclaiming a new dawn while his second-in-command, the military man who put him in power, plays hard man back home,” he added.

Mnangagwa has recently come under fire for allowing military leaders to make sensitive decisions detrimental to his rule and general welfare of Zimbabweans.

This follows the unprecedented firing of 16000 thousand striking nurses by Chiwenga, this unpredictable and impulsive move could have attracted public rebuke and consequences under deposed leader Robert Mugabe.