Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa says he has no problem with ex minister Jonathan Moyo and others returning to ZANU PF but warns that it should be as far as it should go, adding that Moyo has already shown himself to be a reckless and unprincipled politician.

Mliswa says any politician should be wary of Moyo’s proximity, alleging that he has sold-out countless times to be a legitimate comrade in anything.

Mliswa commenting on the recent welcome of Moyo by ZANU PF, said years before Moyo had been re-admitted into ZANU PF at the behest of overtures made by Didymus Mutasa but later he still had the temerity to conspire against Mutasa to have him expelled.

“At no point did Mai Mujuru conspire to have former President Mugabe removed at the 6th ZANU PF National People’s Congress as purported. She never met with anyone to plan that. Yet Moyo led the propaganda against her,” adds Mliswa.

The outspoken Norton MP says in the spirit of confessions and true reformation, which Jonathan Moyo purports to be showing, it would be proper if he would also confess how they conspired to lie and have Mai Mujuru and the alleged Gamatox expelled from ZANU PF.