According to advisor Eddie Cross, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is seeking retribution against Uebert Angel, a self-proclaimed prophet, for the incriminating comments he made in the “Gold Mafia” documentary broadcasted by Al Jazeera.

Angel had claimed that he could launder over $1.2 billion on behalf of undercover journalists, using his diplomatic status and connections to the First Family.

Additionally, he alleged that Mnangagwa had amassed $240 million in personal funds for the upcoming general elections. Cross, who is a former MDC MP and Mnangagwa’s biographer, suggested that Angel would face consequences if he returned to Zimbabwe.

Cross revealed that a small cabinet committee had reviewed the situation and appropriate action had been taken against those involved.

He also warned Angel to stay in the UK and burn his Zimbabwean passport.

The government announced that it had frozen the assets of those implicated in the documentary, including Angel.

However, Angel denied any involvement in illegal gold dealings and money laundering and claimed that he was cooperating with the journalists as part of a covert national intelligence operation.