Chaguta | President Mnangagwa is shockingly concerned about the loss of youth!

If Mafa Sibanda could easily get the support of 7800 students, what about Chamisa? He must have millions.

And what about Zanu PF? On April 30 2018, ZINASU Chair Treasure Bhasopo sent an open letter to President Chamisa, urging him not to ignore the petition they submitted on April 27th 2018 that was signed by MDCT 7800 students from various universities and tertiary institutions among them MSU, CUT University of Zimbabwe and Madziwa teachers college just to mention but a few.

The students were expressing their voice that Mafa Sibanda be appointed as next vice president of the Movement for Democratic Change. Upon reading the letter, Mnangagwa ”almost had a stroke,” one anonymous source stated.

He had an instant headache about the lack of youth in his now degenerated Zanu-PF. Solutions where discussed including silencing Mafa Sibanda or sabotaging his Magwegwe primary election, including influencing Chamisa to make sure he doesn’t nominate the student and youth choice for MDCT VP.

This was to be done through sabotaging Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda’s bid by using moles that are already in place in MDC-T.

This was because Zanu-PF knows very well how the youthful Chamisa and the elderly Mafa would do to the electorate if allowed to partner.

So it was decided a deliberate smear campaign must be done on Felix Mafa that he does not land the VP post or the Magwegwe house of assembly seat he is eying.

Mafa is the only stumbling block in Matebeleland and his removal from the spot would bolster the Zanu-PF – Khupe project of dividing MDC-T vote come 2018 watershed election.

The above is now being implemented and a meeting was held in Bulawayo where Mafa Sibanda is alleged to have been given a directive by Bulawayo party chair, Gift Banda to issue a presser dissociating himself from the 120 something articles that are penned by acclaimed journalists including Namazulu Thata, all in support of Mafa Sibanda’s appointment for VP.

Banda was heard discussing the issue that if Mafa does not dissociate himself, he may be suspended from Magwegwe primary or be fired from the party altogether.

Efforts to reach Banda or Mafa to verify the fact were fruitless. There is no smoke without fire in Zimbabwean politics.

Political fortunes for Mafa Sibanda seem to be eroded the same way as what happened to Mnangagwa during the Grace Mugabe era of madness.

On the other hand Chamisa is adamant. He wants to replace Khupe with his best friend from 15 year UK resident, Bhekithemba Mpofu.

Surely Mafa Sibanda will have to act like Mnangagwa and walk 30 kilometers into Mozambique to cross the border before people demand in chant, ” We want our VP back” It is quite disturbing that the voice of reason is failing to be heard by the MDC-T president and appoint Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda as vice president rather than promote the Zanu-PF agenda.

Source Chaguta