Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made bucks from a book whose copies are yet to be printed, adding that the ordered copies might not be fulfilled.

Mnangagwa’s biography, A life of Sacrifice, proved to be a bestseller after it sold 50 000 copies just a few minutes after it’s launch in Harare recently.

The book, controversially authored by former MDC Alliance senior official Eddie Cross, is going for a princely US$15 per copy.

The copy sale figures were revealed by Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba on his official Twitter handle ??@jamwanda2.

“A total of 50 380 copies were sold at the launch, at USD15 a-piece!,” Charamba said.

However, according to Moyo the sales is just like selling a bird in the sky.

“While money changed hands, books did not because they had not been printed, yet, beyond a limited quantity of launch copies; and there is no telling if they will ever be printed to match the “pre-purchased” quantities.

“What a way for Eddie Cross and Mnangagwa to make easy money!,” said Moyo.

Meanwhile, according to Moyo below is a list of those who bought the book at its launch:

“WHO BOUGHT HOW MANY COPIES of Eddie Cross’ MNANGAGWA book: *Farai & Panganayi Jere: 5,000 *Alex Mashamhanda: 4,000 *Scott Sakupwanya & Shacky Timburwa: 15,000 *Harare Beitbridge Contractors: 10,000 FBC Bank, Dendiary, Zimplats & Nyaradzo: thousands each!”