Patrick Zhuwao, President Mugabe’s nephew has scorned at media reports suggesting that Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa(EDM)is about to takeover from Mugabe.

While admitting that Mnangagwa leads a big faction that has been in existence since the days of expelled former  Mugabe deputy, Joice Mujuru, he emphasised that the Mnangagwa project is just a pipedream that is doom to failure siting lack of grassroots support as number one reason why the Midlands godfather is unelectable.

“People in Zanu PF must be allowed to make choices without being intimidated with death or war, like what the so-called supporters of VP EDM are doing. Surely, we can’t allow a country to be run by people who threaten to kill when they get state power and machinery,” he said.

When he spoke to the standard, Zhuwao also took time to pour scorn at a group of War Veterans led by Chris Mutsvangwa whom he described as divisive and a threat to the wellbeing of Zanu PF.

While referring to Mutsvangwa as a lost cause, Zhuwao affirmed his commitment to ‘support President Mugabe only and no one else’.