Did Mnangagwa kill Moyo’s father during Gukurahundi?

A Zimbabwean online news publication has exclusively reported that the country’s Vice President is responsible for the death of Jonathan Moyo’s father as stated below by the agency.

Emmerson Mnangagwa is guilty of ending the life of Professor Jonathan Moyo’s father, state documents show.

In daylight vampire-like brutality, Mnangagwa participated in and encouraged the slaughtering of the Higher Education Minister’s father together with 22,000 others between 1982 and 85.

Serialised, classified and non classified government documents show that Mnangagwa was the epi-centre of both the murder and the chaos during the early 1980s.


Mnangagwa, then the CIO boss, ordered the massacre of Ndebeles, supporters of the late Joshua Nkomo calling them “cockroaches” who must be annihilated with a pesticide, what he called the DDT. Not even President Robert Mugabe ever labelled Nkomo’s supporters cockroaches, and the former councillor for Tsholotsho Melusi Job Mlevu (Moyo’s father), was killed in 1982 and buried in a humiliating shallow grave.

Statistics also show that Mnangagwa has commandeered the death of innocent lives more than Ian Smith’s racist Rhodesian government. It took Rhodes’ establishment 16 years to kill 19,000 people, while it took Mnangagwa, just 2 years to kill over 22,000 Ndebeles.

Early this year Mnangagwa threatened to sue anyone writing about his involvement in the massacres. This was before state media extracts were pulled out showing Mnangagwa not only aided ad abated the killings, but he was at the centre of the security apparatus that conducted the murders.