President Emmerson Mnangagwa is today expected to launch the Veterans of the Struggle Empowerment Programme and Vetting Exercise.

According to the governing party, the launch is aimed at strengthening the preservation of the same legacy amongst the survivors of the struggle by way of launching appropriate sustainable schemes to provide for their welfare and that of their dependents.

Ideally, the legacy of our Liberation Struggle should be freedom for all, equity for all, equality for all, prosperity for all, supremacy of the Voice of the People, self-determination and sovereignty of our great nation.

Meanwhile, some veterans of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation had been accusing the ruling Zanu PF party of neglecting.

Over the years, war veterans have been the ruling party’s foot soldiers, they have been used to canvas for votes.

In many instances, they have been used in training youths militias violence.

Apparently, the war veterans played a pivotal role in the coup that brought Mnangagwa to power.