Mnangagwa is the real devil…He killed 20000: Chamisa hits back

MDC has hit back hard at ED Mnangagwa following the president’s remarks in which he equated himself with God while he equated the opposition with Satan.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Mnangagwa said,

We will not be swayed by negative forces because even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order; he had Satan. These things happen. He still remains there.

Many observers linked this to Chamisa. Speaking through his spokesperson, Dr Nkululeko Sibanda, Chamisa reminded Mnangagwa that he acted like a devil when he spilled innocent blood in Matebeleland and Congo.

Dr Sibanda said,

I think the real Satan is the one who has blood in his hands, the blood of more than 20 000 people in Matabeleland, the blood of people in DRC.  We hope that Mnangagwa will grow up one day and show maturity. He must be a Statesman and show maturity and not this kind of insults and demeaning statements. It is unfortunate.

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