HARARE: Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vomiting and diarhorrea which saw him being airlifted to South Africa on the 12th August may have been due to HIV/AIDS drugs like ARVs, Professor Jonathan Moyo has said.

Mnangagwa who claimed that there was an assassination attempt on his life Mahofa-style, could have simply vomited blood due to a low immunity or a viral load, Moyo said Sunday morning.

His comments perfectly coincide with President Robert Mugabe’s testimony of how Mnangagwa was treated in hospital and Mugabe has years before revealed that many of his senior aides are HIVpositive.

 On the day Mnangagwa fell ill, his ally Josiah Hungwe also complained of stomach ache within minutes of Mnangagwa collapsing, and Hungwe was never hospitalised.

“The lot on my TL with crap about poison & food poison must note that chronic use of antibiotics or ARVs also induces vomiting & diarrhoea!,” wrote Prof Moyo Sunday morning.

What has made the rumours on Mnangagwa’s health to flare has been the way he has censored journalists from interviewing him only allowing those under his personal control to him to approach him, and on Wednesday night he summoned reporters to his offices, only to block most of them at the door. Even those who made it into his office, Mnangagwa can be heard in a recording below, sniffing out their identities before speaking to them.