Does Mnangagwa own 739 illegal gold mines in Zimbabwe?

Jonathan Moyo has made a controversial twitter post suggesting that a top government official is involved in illegal gold mining.

He went on to say that the minister(believed to be Mnangagwa) owns about 739 gold and does not pay any tax on them.

Below is the twitter message which many describe as being a direct attack to the Midlands Godfather, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who has been linked to numerous gold mining related turf wars around Kwekwe and the Midlands region of Zimbabwe.

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According to the twit, the corrupt minister uses smuggling as his tax-free export channel.

Mnangagwa is being accused by Jonathan Moyo for causing his recent legal woes as he now sees the Higher Education Minister as a stumbling block to his ambitions to succeed president Mugabe.

His office did not respond this morning when asked for their opinion about the 739 mines believed to be owned by the Justice Minister.