Presidential aspirant Saviour Kasukuwere’s Head of Digital Marketing & Mobilisation, Never Maswerasei says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has no capacity to win a free election even that of a local authority.

He says history has it on good account that Mnangagwa cannot win any election provided its free and fair.

“FOR THE RECORD: Dambudzo Mnangagwa has no capacity to win any election – even that of a Councillor.

“He has never won one before and had to be rescued by Mugabe after losing to Blessing Chebundo. They had to create a constituency for him. Later the coward turned against his boss,” says Cde Maswerasei.

Apparently, Mnangagwa was late former President Robert Mugabe’s right hand man to the extent that even when he loses an election he would be re-assigned somewhere.

It is reported Mugabe didn’t want Mnangagwa to succeed him citing his lack of capacity and political acumen.

According to reports Mugabe wanted Sydney Sekeramai to succeed him, how Mnangagwa won the throne due a military coup in 2017.