Following rumours that General Chiwenga’s allies in the army are plotting to seize power and install a new leader in Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly warming up to having MDC leader Nelson Chamisa in his government in a capacity that is yet to be agreed on.

Sources within ZANU PF who spoke to this publication reported that Mnangagwa is afraid of a forced exit from the General Constantino Chiwenga led faction and has resorted to accommodating Chamisa so that it may be difficult to effect the plan of the military.

ZANU PF propaganda machinery has been on overdrive in the past days to send signals that Mnangagwa is warming up towards some arrangement with Chamisa and willing to meet him.

On Tuesday Deputy Government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi told journalists that Mnangagwa must meet up with Chamisa and they agree on an inclusive arrangement.

Mutodi also said Mnangagwa must accommodate G40 members who are in exile like Professor Jonathan Moyo.

Mutodi further said Chamisa will bring a new youth centred angle to the Zimbabwean new generation who are not interested in land reform but in business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Another ZANU PF propaganda functionary Jones Musara took to Twitter to write messages that condition Zimbabweans on a Mnanaggwa-Chamisa Alliance.

Read his full statements below:

Well placed Sources indicate that Advocate Chamisa does not necessarily reject such offers or ING(Inclusive National Government) but rather want any Electoral Recognition to be an outcome of Bilateral Dialogue between him and H.E President ED and is ready to meet President ED in his capacity as the Zim and Zanu PF President.

 Sources indicate that Advocate Chamisa though very aggrieved by the outcome of the 2018 Elections is willing to have bilateral dialogue as a bridge of moving on from the past and ensuring that whatever disputes which marked the 2018 elections do not occur in 2023.

Sources also indicate that Advocate Chamisa is willing to work under President ED for the sake of national unity and progress but however feels after writing 5 letters to President ED requesting bilateral dialogue, its the President’s turn to get in touch and thrash out issues.

Sources indicate the last time the 2 spoke on the phone was in November 2017 soon after President ED had been ousted and Advocate Chamisa called to check if he was ok.

Sources indicate that Advocate Chamisa strongly believes a phone call or in person meeting of the 2 could help them find each other and thrash out differences.