President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has challenged party members to shun political prostitution and urged them to respect party ideology and leaders.

“Lets recommit to upholding the constitution of the party and ideology. Pasi ne gumbo mumba gumbo panze mu Party yedu ye ZANU PF. We require uttermost loyalty, commitment and dedication,” he said.

Addressing his party’s Politburo meeting this afternoon, Mnangagwa urged members to work hard.

“Work hard to realise the goals of the Party. No one is bigger than the party. We must be selfless committed patriotic and loyal to our Party and leadership no matter personal challenges,” he said.

Mnangagwa also implored members of his party to unite against provocation:

“Remain united against provocation and instigated acts of violence by our usual detractors and their surrogate pseudo opposition parties.

“Our national institutions were established to advance our national interest.”

He said focus should be on resoundingly winning in the forthcoming by-elections which include those to be held in Gokwe-Kabuyani constituency on 27 August.