Former ZANU PF legislator for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says whoever wins the forthcoming elections will not rule alone if Zimbabwe is to prosper.

“Morning fellow Zimbabweans, kuda kana kusada after elections, ED and Chamisa will work together.

“Whoever is going to win the elections, haagoni kushanda iye ne Party yake chete, unless muchida kuti tirambe tiri patiri, for the past 43 years zvaratidza kuti hazvibudi,” he says.

Zivhu adds that with the country’s economy bad as it is, even a war cannot solve it, except dialogue alone.

“Economy kana yajamuka chero hondo haina zvainoita, only dialogue is the solution, price control or any other means, will make things worse, this month some people will get 7USD as salary, nepava ne rate apo,” he says.