Freezim Congress leader Joseph Busha has challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to prove to the nation that he has the capacity to resolve the rising economic challenges facing the country.

Evidence and proof is still wanted in Mnangagwa’s reign as opposition parties continue to knock and question his credentials as he did when his lawyers asked for V11 forms from Nelson Chamisa in the Constitutional Court.

Joseph Busha had this to say:

“I want Emmerson Mnangagwa to prove that he is leading the best government, they should show why they are the best; they should show to us how many jobs they have created; they should show us by building hospitals and clinics; and they should show by helping improve the living conditions of the Zimbabweans,” Busha said.

“My view at the moment is that this government is not different from the old of Robert Mugabe. I believe that nothing is going to change in terms of economy, as long as we have this Zanu PF leading our country.”

Busha added: “There is no political will to solve the current crisis facing the country; investors and people do not trust this government.”