Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ally and former Mbizo MP Vongaishe Mupereri believes an assortment of food hampers he donated to nurses from three clinics in his constitiency will motivate the nurses to perform their professional duties.
Mupereri, who lost to MDC Alliance’s Settlement Chikwinya in the 2018 elections, wrote on his micro-blogging Twitter handle:
“Today I made a donation of food hampers to the nurses in Mbizo from all the three clinics which I handed over to their doctors. I hope the donation will sustain them kuti vauye kubasa vakaguta vawane simba rekurapa varwere.”
But various internet users took a jibe at the former parliamentarian saying his donation of food hampers was not going to change the plight of the medical staffers.
“Nurses are supposed to be people of means not to belittle them to the levels of desperados who have to celebrate one off food donations!” one Twitter user challenged the ex-legislator.
“Hamuna nyadzi veduwe,they trained hard for this,why not pay them well. Ityai Mwari veduwe,” chipped another user.
Nurses have perrenially bemoaned deteriorating working conditions, poor remuneration and acute shortages of drugs largely blamed on alleged misgovernance by the long-ruling Zanu PF.