VP Mnangagwa supporter Jimaya Muduviri was almost killed yesterday on while driving between Mvuma and Masvingo on 28-05-16.

Muduviri was on his way to address factional politics in Masvingo.

“I just saw myself at a bridge after we tried to evade a head-on collision with a truck,I nearly died, but I also said we no longer want to G40 faction…. ” Muduvuri said.

Muduviri has been criss crossing the country telling Zanu PF party members that Mnangagwa is a very good person and does not have any ambitions to topple President Robert Mugabe.

Muduviri is a stronger backer of Team Lacoste faction.

He is extremely disliked by the pro Grace Mugabe G40 faction believed to be pushing for the ouster of VP Mnangagwa from Zanu PF and government.