Shakespeare Muzavazi
A butcher man left the court in stitches after he offered US $20 for maintenance of his three children.
Ignatius Magachini who works at Royal Butchery in Mkoba was dragged to civil court by his wife Agnes Chasa after financially neglecting his children aged 14, 10 and 4 since last year.

Magachini said he only works as a part-time butcher man only realizing US$ 105 per month therefore it is not  sufficient for his family.
“I can only afford US$20 for the children because the money is not sufficient. I pay school fees for the two elder children and take care of all their responsibilities hence $20 is fair,” he said.

Chasa demanded US$ 150 towards the children’s up keep arguing that her husband actually earns US$200 per month.
“He only started buying food stuffs after l came with the matter to this court. I won’t buy into his pretense; he should take care of his children.
“I am not employed and the little he is offering is not even enough.He is lying to this court that he earns US$150, he is only trying to give my child peanuts and it is not fair.”
Presiding Magistrate Pricilla Magomore ordered Magachini to bring his pay slip for continuation of trial.
“Your wife claims you are paid $200 and you are saying $150 so your wife will bring the pay slip for continuation of trial,” said the Magistrate.