Workers in the Mining industry are pushing for a salary adjustment to mitigate the current economic hardships caused by runaway inflation.

In a letter written to National Employment Council for the Mining Industry dated 20 June 2019, Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZIDAMWU) secretary general Justice Chinhema said:

We request an urgent sitting of parties and the National Employment Council to consider salary adjustment to cushion workers.

We are concerned with the current state of the economy and hardships being faced by workers in the industry despite being the backbone of the country in terms of foreign currency generation.

The prevailing economic situation has seen inflation skyrocketing and prices of basic goods and services rising beyond the reach of many workers…leaving them on the verge of destitution, therefore the need for an urgent wage increase.

Workers in the mining sector negotiated for an 80% wage rise early this year, but it has since been eroded by inflation.

The Union is, therefore, demanding that workers should be paid their wages in USD or RTGS equivalent.