A Harare man who disclosed in court that he was issued with military uniform at the Zanu PF headquarters, which he used to terrorise residents during the January protests, has revealed the identity of an army official who allegedly gave him the camouflage.

Shepherd Magorimbo, who admitted that he was a member of Zanu PF, told the Harare Magistrates’ Court last week that he was given the uniform by Fungai Previous Makoni, a member of the Zimbabwe National Army’s (ZNA) artillery department.

After Magorimbo’s disclosure, Harare magistrate Obedience Matare ordered that Makoni should be summoned to appear in court to respond to the allegations Prosecutor Molly Murozvi told Matare that she communicated with army officials at the ZNA headquarters, who confirmed that Makoni was a member of the army and was based in Domboshava.

Murozvi said she asked the official to facilitate Makoni’s appearance in court, but was told that the army would give her a response later on.

However, the response was not forthcoming.

One of Magorimbo’s pictures where he was clad in army uniform went viral on social media after his arrest in January…..Standard