Makomborero Musiiwa, a caretaker at a Methodist Church in Budiriro 4, claims he has not received payment for the 15 years he served the church and is now seeking US$54,000 in compensation. Musiiwa, aged 47, was initially hired as a caretaker in 2008 with the understanding that his remuneration would be determined by the church’s leadership.

However, in 2021, the church changed Musiiwa’s job title to “church member” and presented him with a lease agreement, which he signed. Musiiwa alleges that he was deceived into signing the agreement, believing it to be a manipulation to avoid paying him.

Despite seeking legal assistance, Musiiwa faces potential eviction from the church premises as the lease agreement has been canceled. He contends that the church has been dismissive of his claims, insisting that, as a church member, he is not entitled to compensation.

Musiiwa engaged a lawyer, initially pursuing an out-of-court settlement. However, his concerns were allegedly ignored during a leaders’ meeting. Musiiwa is adamant about pursuing his rightful compensation, expressing frustration with the church’s response to his situation.

Mai Ndenga, the Methodist Church steward in Budiriro, declined to comment on the matter, citing the need for church authority to address the issue. Musiiwa remains resolute in his pursuit of fair compensation for his years of service.