The Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe (MSDZ) has warned that this year’s winter season will be longer than usual, stretching until next month and characterised by ground frost.

Apparently, the MSDZ in conjunction with the Department of Civil Protection is on record calling on members of the public to guard against chilly weather.

The impacts of these weather conditions include potential health effects on vulnerable individuals, such as respiratory-related illnesses, as well as the sensitivity of plants and animals to temperature changes.

Ground frost may damage crops, windy conditions increase the risk of veld fires, and light rain and drizzle may affect outdoor activities.

For crops people are to take heed of some of these short-term methods like overhead irrigation of frost prone crops (late evening or before sunrise), mulching, increasing wind speed through fans, warming the area using controlled heaters.

Members are also urged to consult their local Agritex officer for better advice keep informed through official meteorological services department platforms.

During this period farmers are implored to take protective measures for both plants and livestock, monitor temperature within fowl-runs and adjust accordingly to reduce these impacts of cold conditions of birds and animals.

Poultry, especially day-old chicks, are sensitive to overnight decline in temperatures.