The Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe (MSDZ) says the country is set to be hit by heavy rains accompanied thunderstorms with Matabeleland South, Bulawayo, Masvingo and Manicaland set to be struck first.

According to the MSDZ the said scenario is expected to have began on the 29th of October to the 3rd of November 2023.

During the period, the public is being urged to watch out for strong winds, lightning, hailstorms, localised heavy rains, fallen trees, damaged roofs and loose debris.

The MSDZ says attributed the rains to a cloud band from the Atlantic ocean which is said to be slowly approaching the country via Botswana and is expected to encroach the western borders of the country late Saturday and sweep across the country from Sunday 29 October till Friday 3 November 2023.

This should result in scattered thunderstorms across the country.

“Inherent in these thunderstorms will be lightning, localised heavier rains (30mm) strong winds and hailstorms.

“Stay indoors during thunderstorms. Do not use electrical appliances during a storm as these appliances as well as WiFi routers are also vulnerable to lightning strikes.

“Fix any leakages on roofs, install surge protectors and lightning conductors if possible,” said the MSD in a statement.

Farmers have also been called upon to take protective measures for both plants and livestock and if possible, they must cover the plants to protect them from the likelihood of being damaged by hailstorms.