The Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe has issued a severe ground frost warning for a number of areas in the country including Bulawayo.

The Met Department said the affected areas were affected today (Thursday) up to tomorrow (Friday).

Among the places expected to experience severe ground frost are; Matopos, Bulawayo, Lupane, Nkayi, Gweru, Chivhu and Hwedza.

Apparently, Kezi, West Nicholson, Masvingo, Kadoma, Marondera and Mvuma will experience moderate ground frost.

“During this period take protective measures for both plants and livestock. Monitors temperature within fowl-runs and adjust accordingly to reduce these impacts of cold conditions on animals.

“Poultry, especially day-old chicks, are sensitive to overnight decline in temperatures.

“For crops take heed of some of these short-term methods like overhead irrigation of frost prone crops (late evening or before sunrise), mulching, increasing wind speed through fans, warming the area using controlled heaters.

“Consult your local Agritex officer for better advice keep informed through official meteorological services department platforms,” reads part of the warning.