The recent news about popular sungura musician, Paradzai Mesi, allegedly caught stealing from a grocery store in Concession had caused a stir on the internet. While some expressed sympathy for Mesi, others were quick to point fingers and suggest that his supposed alcohol abuse had left him destitute, leading to his resorting to theft.

However, according to Mesi’s manager, Alfred Andy, the truth has now been revealed. Mesi did not steal anything from the store in question, at least not as far as that particular case is concerned.

But the truth has now come out.

Mesi never stole anything from anyone, in as far as that case is concerned, and this is at least according to his manager Alfred Andy.

Actually, the “Ndazonyara Ndini” singer, according to Andy, was heavily intoxicated on the day that he was in a state he could barely walk.

Mesi has since accepted that celebrities can be trolled and have false information about them spread widely.

In an interview with The Herald Arts and Entertainment, Andy narrated what actually happened on the day.

“We were shocked with what is circulating on social media,” he said.

“The story emanated on April 20 when Paradzai went on his usual drinking spree at a farm called Hermistone.

“It was now late and he decided to go home. He met three guys who then lied to him that they wanted to take him home. They arrived at the complainant’s shop and misled him that they had arrived at his residence.

“In that drunken stupor, the musician slept on the floor in the shop. He then woke up in the morning and noticed that he was at a shop and there were now a lot of people surrounding him. He was arrested.”

Andy said Mesi was left in the shop sleeping, while the three had already looted the shop.

He was then arrested by members of the neighbourhood watch, but later the charges were withdrawn by the owner of the shop who noticed that he was innocent.

“We later discussed the matter with the owner of the shop who later withdrew the charges,” said Andy. “He went to Concession, Glendale police station, who then advised both parties to go back and talk it out and return  the following day,” said Andy.

“So far, the stolen groceries have not been recovered. Paradzai could not resist to be taken home by the alleged suspects because he is a man of the people and everyone loves him, so he thought they were fans taking him home. Little did he know they ended up in a shop.”

Andy said after the news broke out on social media, some socialites and celebrities offered to assist Mesi with groceries.

“We haven’t met anyone yet; we just saw people flooding social media wanting to assist,” he said. “We thank everyone who reached out to us and we are happy with the support we are receiving. Paradzai played at the just-ended Uhuru gala and fans were happy.”

Businessman Mudiwahood yesterday gifted Mesi with a new suit from his brand MH Luxury Suits and also bought him some groceries.

Mesi is unfazed by the incident and this Friday he is set to play at Club Joy Centre at Makoni in Chitungwiza.

“We are now preparing for the Chitungwiza show and urge and encourage our fans to come and support us,” said Andy.

“The theft issue did not affect us, rather we are moved by our fans and corporates who are always rallying behind us. Paradzai is a strong man.

“Right now what we really need is a PA system and instruments. If we can have people supporting us with those items so that our music career continues and grows. Those who wish to donate instruments they no longer need are free to contact us.”

Andy said Mesi’s new album was set for release in June.

“We will share details of the launch soon, but we can confirm the new album is coming in June,” he said. “Paradzai Mesi was last seen in studio in 2019 where he did the album Chenjera Kukangira Pakatsvira Dzimwe,” he said.