Chaos erupted at Mega Pak, a prominent packaging company, when several managers fainted after being presented with sudden retrenchment letters. The company’s subsidiary had reportedly been grappling with financial leaks resulting from alleged reckless spending. Sources indicate that on June 2, a total of 53 employees, including three managers, three supervisors, and two auditors, were unexpectedly laid off.

In a surprising turn of events, the affected managers and supervisors were instructed to surrender their company-issued vehicles and laptops. Inside sources at Mega Pak disclosed to H-Metro that the company’s General Manager, Walter Muzunde, and Financial Executive, Wallace Mutemuza, processed the severance packages for the employees without adhering to the proper procedure.

According to insiders, the decision to downsize the workforce was prompted by directives received from South Africa, urging cost-cutting measures to be implemented.

“The management was thrown into a state of panic after receiving communication from South Africa, advising them to reduce costs,” revealed a source familiar with the matter.

“Fearing that the repercussions might extend to them, as they were receiving substantial perks, the management swiftly retrenched 53 employees. This group included three managers, three supervisors, and two auditors.”

The source further disclosed that the distressing news took a toll on some of the managers, leading to fainting spells within their offices.

“It was a sorrowful sight to witness some of the senior officials perspiring profusely upon receiving the abrupt news,” recounted the source.

“Several managers, who relied on company vehicles, succumbed to fainting spells within their offices after being directed to return their car keys. To make matters worse, some of the affected managers lacked private transportation to return home, while support staff members were caught off guard as they were yet to settle their rent obligations when they received the retrenchment letters.”

The source continued, stating, “The general manager has bombarded us with messages, demanding our acceptance of his proposed terms, even before we have had the opportunity to consult our legal representatives. We are left perplexed as to how he arrived at the figures he intends to offer us. I have dedicated over two decades of my life to this company, and being dismissed with nothing is simply unacceptable.”

When reached for comment, Muzunde feigned ignorance regarding the reported retrenchment.

“I have no knowledge of any employee retrenchments,” Muzunde asserted.

“None of our workers have been retrenched,” he adamantly maintained.

However, H-Metro has obtained copies of several retrenchment letters bearing Muzunde’s signature, contradicting his claim.

The unfolding situation at Mega Pak highlights the severe disruption caused by the unexpected retrenchments and raises concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the process. The affected employees, already grappling with the shock of losing their jobs, face an uncertain future as they navigate negotiations for fair severance packages and legal representation. The repercussions of this hasty decision could have lasting effects on both the individuals involved and the reputation of the company itself.