Chinese National wave placard during Zimbabwe opposition protests

A man suspected to be of Chinese origin has become an internet sensation after he was pictured waving posters written in English and Chinese.

The man believed to be Ken Chang Liang(according to the name on the poster) used words associated with the world’s greatest leaders, Nelson Mandela and Franklin D Roosevelt.

You(Mugabe) were a hero of peaceful development,

Save mankind, safeguard peace, justice  and maintain order.

The crypted message also pointed to health issues; most likely a call to reform and empower the health delivery system which is in a sorry state.

This is a near translation from our Chinese based reader. He emphasised that the message is crypted most likely because the protester, Mr Ken Chan Liang does not want to come out all guns blazing against Mugabe’s government that has been friendly towards people of Chinese origin.

chinese man demonstration protest in zimbabwe

Mr Mugabe: Save mankind, safeguard peace, order, health