The Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC T has won against former employees who were in the process of attaching party property to settle a huge wage bill.

Tsvangirai was last month embarrassed when he was pounced on by riot police officers while in a meeting.

The MDC party’s Harvest House office was reduced to a shell as furniture worth thousands of dollars was attached by the High Court to settle the bill for a lawsuit brought by Ms Sallly Dura.

 But following developments today, the Labour Court has obtained a stay of execution against the attachment pending the appeal by the employer, the MDC T party.

The MDC says their appeal dated way back to 2016 was ignored. In their appeal, the employer stated that the employees’ claim was fraudulent as figures were changed.

Sally Dura in particularly was  named for allegedly changing the figures from a monthly income of $2,000 to a whopping $9,000.

Douglas Mwonzora of MDC explained the situation to reporters.

 “Sally Dura actually is the one who did that, and she misrepresented that she was earning $9,000 a month. There is no way you can earn $9,000 in the MDC.

“Even the highest employee here does not earn that much,” said Mwonzora.

The ruling means that the MDC can now recover the furniture taken by the High Court last month.

“I wish to advise that today the Labour Court granted the MDC-T an order for stay of execution against its property.

“This is in respect of the matter of Toendepi Shone and 16 other former employees including Mrs Sally Dura. We are now in the process of repossessing our property that was taken by the Sheriff.

“I want to thank party members for their patience. This is the time to unite. Together we will win. Victory is Certain,” he added.