Outspoken Harare lawyer, Fadzayi Mahere, who recently joined the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC outlined her reasons for joining the party she competed against in last year’s harmonized elections.

In an interview with the Standard Mahere said:

I have consistently stated my belief in a strong, united position: this is our best shot at fighting tyranny and building a nation that we can be proud of.

From the start, I made it very clear that I was opposed to Zanu PF because the current government does not have what it takes to make Zimbabwe free and prosperous.

The model upon which the ruling party is built — where patronage and ageism are rife — would never appeal to me.

The lesson we learnt during the last election is that the electorate places a high premium on a candidate’s ability to collaborate with a team that can answer the national question.

There is a strong sentiment that the opposition must speak with one voice in opposing the government and I am happy to take that sentiment on board.

The country, not individuals or personalities, must always come first.

Political involvement, in my view, boils down to values and an ability to place the people, democracy and competence back into our politics.

The MDC offers a model that aligns most closely to this and what I wish to see in Zimbabwe’s future, hence my decision to join the party.

Important conversations happened after the election and it was decided that teamwork is the only way to make the dream work.

-The Standard